Three In The Bed

Three In The Bed

Last night we had an enormous storm! It was kind of inevitable given all the hot, humid weather we’ve had recently. It was the kind of storm that brewed silently with lots of lightning and built to almighty, house shaking thunder and lightning.

I saw it brewing about 1.30 am with almost constant lightning. It wasn’t long after, that a small face appeared at our bedroom door claiming he was frightened.

Normally, no child invades my bed during the night but a terrified 4 year old during a rare thunderstorm is an exception.

We tried to sleep but the lure of watching the storm was too great. We don’t get too many storms in The Fens as it’s a bit too flat and boring! So, we sat at the window watching for a while but the surrounding trees were blocking our view so we all piled back into bed and found a great website to watch the storm on instead.

This real time lightning map was great. We could see the flash of lightning and then it would appear on the map and show us the approximate track of the thunder. The boy was fascinated and it definitely took his mind off the fear of the storm. He was following the thunder ‘bubble’ to our village and was so impressed when he heard the thunder at the right time. Check this map out next time there’s a storm. It’s great fun!

The storm lasted nearly 2 hours and we were exhausted when we finally got the boy back to bed. Thankfully, none of the other children even stirred. Anymore than 3 in our bed is becoming a squeeze these days! How they sleep through storms like that I will never know!

Have you been disturbed by the Great British Summer storms this week? What do you do to pass the time with frightened children?

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