Time For A Redesign

Time For A Redesign

We bought a new build house around 18 months ago. New build houses suck for interior decoration unless you love magnolia everything so, we planned to work around the rooms redecorating one at a time.

Decorating quickly got put on hold when we realised new babies were arriving although we did manage to get the nursery done! That was one important room to decorate.

I’m ready to get decorating again now and thought I’d start with a relatively small project – the en-suite.

We have a problem with the en-suite – the window. We have a beautiful VELUX window in there which is great for admiring the scenery while you’re having a shower but I fear my neighbours can see in, particularly in the winter when the trees shed their leaves. We need a bit of privacy!


The VELUX website has some amazing solutions for the window. I can’t decide if I want a pleated or venetian blind. Both options are relatively affordable which, now my maternity pay has run out, is a must.

A venetian blind would mean I could angle the blind and spare my neighbours eyes while still admiring the scenery. But, the pleated blinds come in some fantastic colours and could match my colour scheme.

I will be using their free swatch sample service over the next few weeks to see which option goes best with my colour scheme before deciding. With so many choices, it’s a tough decision.


The rest of the room only needs a lick of paint as the actual suite is brand new. I love bright and vibrant colours and I love feature walls. I once painted a wall of our old kitchen blood red while hubby was at work. He was pretty furious but did eventually agree it looked good!

I like the nautical/marine look for bathrooms at the moment. I definitely want a blue feature wall and I saw this cyan paint on the Dulux website.


To finish the room off I’ve found some matching accessories on the Dunelm website which will hopefully stand out nicely against the white of the suite.


I’m really looking forward to my first decorating project and I’m hoping it will give me the bug to get the rest of the house done.

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6 thoughts on “Time For A Redesign

    1. The front of the house just has a weird apex but it does look a lot like a loft conversion. Looks pretty outside but pain in the bum inside!
      The blues are pretty cool! Thanks for stopping by x


  1. Aaah gorgeous!! I absolutely LOVE the cyan accessories! SO bold and they will look just fabulous playing off the white bathroom suite! It’s always so exciting isn’t it? Coming up with new ideas for rooms!

    I look forward to seeing photos when it’s done! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


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