Babywearing Through London

Babywearing Through London

We were brave and took the plunge taking 4 small people on public transport into London for the day.

Hubby thought it would be easy. Strap the 2 babies into the pushchair with the older 2 walking and off we go. What he didn’t factor in was 1. our double pushchair is massive so couldn’t really be kept up on the tube and 2. our destination (Oxford Circus) had no step free access. We could have planned our journey using only step free stations but at just 2 years old, O struggles with walking long distances.

The only answer to this dilemma was to use my baby carriers. This was no problem for me as I love carrying my babies but hubby has always been reluctant. He still brings up the cost of my double pushchair everytime I mention I’ve used the carrier!

I have 2 baby carriers. I bought a stretchy Calin Bleu wrap when the girls were first born. It was fab and I even mastered putting both girls in it. Eventually though, I got bored of time consuming wrapping and I decided I needed buckles. A Rose and Rebellion soon arrived and I was in love. It was so much easier to put on and the kids didn’t get bored waiting!


We kitted up on the train just before we arrived into Finsbury Park Station. I took the wrap with our smaller twin. It wasn’t going to be ideal as she’s probably too heavy (16lb 7ozs) but to be honest, now she’s bigger, I found she fitted better. I felt like it was tighter on her but that was probably just my poor, beginner wrapping skills! To be fair, my wrapping skills haven’t improved to much!


Finsbury Park station is all steps down onto the underground and this would have been our first major challenge. Instead, we managed to get all 6 of us down onto the underground platform fairly quickly. The only drawback hubby mentioned was not being able to see the stairs as we went down with a baby strapped to his front and guiding a toddler.

We got on and off the tube with ease and, to my shock, people even offered us seats on the train!

We arrived at our destination probably more sweaty than if we had the pushchair but a hell of a lot less stressed! It made the whole day out so much easier and the boys were superstars.

The biggest drawback was not being able to run through Kings Cross station. It was touch and go but, after dragging 2 very tired boys across the station, we made our train home with about 10 seconds to spare.

This little trip has thrown up some revelations. My wrapping can’t be too bad as I was really comfy all day and Daddy has discovered that he loves carrying as well. I fell asleep on her Daddy almost as soon as she went in the carrier and he loved having sleepy snuggles. He loved it so much that he’s wanted to carry her since and has even agreed I can buy another buckle carrier.

Now to decide which buckles I want next. I love my R&R but willing to try anything. Any suggestions?

Mami 2 Five

12 thoughts on “Babywearing Through London

  1. You are very brave – I took my daughter into London once by myself (she was 7 months at the time)… I’m still not over it! 😉 #twinklytuesdays


  2. My husband and I baby wear (I’ve just bought him a custom made Batman MeiTai) and are seriously thinking of visiting london with our little family, this is great to see you manage it. I’ve pinned it so when the time comes I can re read it. #SundaysStars


    1. Awww thanks very much.
      It was so much easier than I expected it to be. I was really dreading it but it turned out to be a great day. Planning on doing it again soon.
      Hubby is now hooked and has found a Marvel Superheroes SSC that he wants!


  3. Well done for venturing into London with 4 little ones! I’ve done with Emma twice on my own but I normally get off at a step free access station and then walk to where I need to get to. Your carries sounds great – we have a Babybjorn, which she’s too big for. It was good but I don’t think it’s as cosy as a wrap. #SundayStars


    1. I had a Babybjorn with my second and never found it very comfy. It almost put me off babywearing. Joined some lovely Facebook pages that convinced me to try a different type of carrier and now I love it.
      Thanks for stopping by x

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  4. I love babywearing and have done it pretty much exclusively on my last 2 kids. I wish I’d have had internet access to learn more about it when my twins were babies. You should look into getting a pod, great for back carries (you could even try tandem wearing if your brave) and much easier than wrapping (I’m pants at wrapping but love my pod!) Thanks for linking up with #Sundaystars x


    1. I’ve heard people mention pods before but never really paid much attention. Will have to look it up. Thanks for the tip.
      I did tandem wear a few times but it’s just too much weight for my poor damaged back. Also, I can’t run around after the toddler with 2 dollops on my back. Would love to wear both though x


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