Primary School Decision Day

Primary School Decision Day

This Thursday we find out which primary school my beloved first born will be attending in September. We have been anxiously waiting for this day since we hit submit on the application forms back in November.

We have applied for our village school which we are less than half a mile from. It’s touch and go as to whether we’ll get a place or not. The school is notoriously oversubscribed as they only take 30 children. Our second choice is the much larger infants school in the next town which may end up causing us problems when we go to apply for the junior school in a few years time.

Ever since we started looking at schools, about 3 years ago, we have had our sights set on this village school. It is the best by miles, with a fantastic Ofsted, lovely grounds and great staff. Until 18 months ago though, we weren’t in the catchment area.

We decided to move from one village to the next, a journey of approximately 3 miles, to give us the best possible chance of getting a place at this school. The houses in this village are incredibly expensive compared to where we used to live which has meant we had to significantly increase our mortgage. Thankfully, moving house has benefitted us in another way. We moved into a 4 bed house and a week later found out we were expecting baby no. 3 (later to become 3 and 4!).

Our nervous wait is nearly over. Thursday will reveal whether B goes to school with his best friend or his girlfriend! Think of all us nervous parents, eagerly awaiting the email containing our babies school places, on Wednesday night as you go to bed. I’m sure I won’t be the only one waiting up for it!

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12 thoughts on “Primary School Decision Day

  1. Good luck for Thursday. I hope you get a place in the Village school. I was in your shoes last year and I remember clear as day how nerve wrecking it is. Catchment area play a big part, so hopefully you’ll be as pleased with the place you get as much as I was with ours.


  2. Fingers crossed for you! Wow, I can’t believe you moved so you could get a place- I hope it worked. My son will probably attend the school I work at. It’s making me a lot more thoughtful about where I want to work next.



  3. Aaaah I can FEEL your nerves through your writing!! Gosh β€” I feel nervous for you!! I really hope you get the school place that you so dearly want. I’ve got all this to come! Although we are literally opposite the school, in our village so if they boys didn’t get in it would be crazy (never say never though!!) Good luck! Thanks so much for linking up with #Twinkly Tuesday πŸ™‚

    Caro |


    1. Living opposite the school must guarantee you a place. You probably couldn’t be any closer! I’m sure you’ll have none of this worry when it’s your turn.
      Thanks for hosting #twinklytuesday x


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