Proud Mummy Moment

Proud Mummy Moment

This is a photo of B riding his bike taken a few days ago. He loves his bike and it was bought as a 3rd birthday present which he didn’t get much opportunity to use it. This photo means the absolute world to me and I shall explain why.


A year ago, almost to the day, my lovely little boy had what looked like a silly accident which left him with the most horrific injury.

We were enjoying an unexpected day with Daddy at home when B and O had one of their regular fallings out over a toy. B bit O and he retaliated by pushing B away. Whether it was the push away or the getting up to run off that did it, we will never know but the result was a blue light trip to hospital and an x-ray that looked like this.


B had completely snapped his femur in 2. My poor baby had an injury that is more commonly seen in high speed car crashes and required a trip to surgery for repair. I was in the early stages of my twin pregnancy so I was absolutely beside myself with worry, as was Daddy. The hour or so that he was in surgery was honestly the longest of my life.

We had a 3 night stay in hospital and then he spent 12 weeks in a 1 and a half hip spica plaster cast. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s from ribs to toes on one leg and knee on the other. Everything was a struggle. He couldn’t move to go to the toilet and we were completely housebound as he couldn’t go in the car.

My poor little man was so sad. He was laid on a sunlounger in the living room and spent the first few weeks watching TV and playing on his tablet. We had lots of visits from family and friends which cheered him up for a while but he was really down. My active little 3 year old, who climbs on everything and runs everywhere, was completely immobile.

The doctors weren’t sure how well it would heal but were optimistic as he was so young. When the cast came off all the signs were good. It took him nearly a week before he would stand on it and 6 months before he lost his limp and could walk any distance.

We had to buy a double pushchair early so we could push him around when he got tired. We got so many disapproving looks that we were pushing him around and made me feel like a terrible parent. He just looked like a lazy child as he had no noticeable disability.

He now has a slightly shorter left leg which should hopefully catch up over time. Thankfully it has healed really well and he has been left with no lasting damage. He still attacks his brother though, so this whole incident has taught him nothing!

This photo is the first opportunity he’s had to go on his bike since his accident and I felt so unbelievably proud and pleased to see him doing this. I’m hoping for not more broken bones in our house ever again!

Mami 2 Five

9 thoughts on “Proud Mummy Moment

  1. That’s a nasty bone to break. When our niece was about 7 my husband was chasing her around our garden and she fell and snapped the same. She spent 6 weeks in hospital in traction – we felt so guilty!
    Good to see his fantastic recovery, you must have been so worried.


  2. Oh my that’s horrible. I felt sick reading it. Poor you, him, and the family. Glad it is healing though. Kids hey??!! You can’t wrap them in cotton wool…but you wish you could! Lovely picture and great to see him back to being little again 🙂 Jess x #sundaystars


  3. Awww I can’t imagine how tough it must be for a 3 year old to know they can’t move about. My Z is always on the move and I know that would have made him so sad too. Glad he’s all healed up now though 🙂


    1. That was the worst bit. All he wanted to do was chase his brother around and get up to mischief and he couldn’t. After a few weeks though, he did master how to stand up in his cast which made me even more nervous!


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