Girls Day Out – Fairfield Hall, Bedfordshire

Girls Day Out – Fairfield Hall, Bedfordshire

My best friend was 30 back in December and I had absolutely no idea what to buy her. We have known each other since we were 2 years old so I wanted to get her something special and something that she wouldn’t buy for herself. I also wanted it to be something she would remember so, I booked her a spa day. I thought it would be rude to send her on her own so I booked myself a spa day too! We are both hard working Mummies so I think we deserve it.

I looked at several spas before I booked and decided on Fairfield Hall in Bedfordshire. The photos on the website looked beautiful and they had a good choice of spa packages to suit every budget.

We arrived late morning and were shown straight into the spa where we had to fill in all our paperwork for the treatments we were having later. We were also given our spa bags containing a robe, towel and slippers (additional Ā£3 charge).

After a quick tour of the facilities we headed straight for the pool. Although completely underground with no natural light, it looked amazing.



I am a massive wimp when it comes to getting into water and I will make a massive drama if it’s cold! This pool was so warm and for the first time ever in my life, I got straight under the water. We had a lovely swim and a natter before deciding to head off to get some lunch.

The Orchard is the on site restaurant which can be used by both members and anybody who walks in off the street. We arrived for lunch in our robes and slippers (which apparently is fine in a spa) but, felt very out of place amongst everyone else who was dressed. Certainly an experience to be lunching in public in your robe!

There is a really good lunch menu with plenty of choice and all very reasonably priced. We both opted for a 2 filling omelette with salad and coleslaw which were Ā£6.50 each.


The food tasted lovely and there was plenty there for lunch. The staff were very attentive and there was a good atmosphere which meant we could chat without feeling we had to keep quiet.

Our treatments were booked for 1pm so we went back to the spa as soon as we had finished lunch. We took a seat on an amazing hot stone bed while we waited to be called.


These were so comfortable and gave me a lovely warm bottom and back!

We had booked a Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage plus a facial. Our therapists, Stacey and Shelley, came and collected us and took us into a double treatment room presumably so we could talk but, neither of us uttered a word for a whole hour!

When they had finished we were so chilled out and relaxed that neither of us wanted to get up from the bed! I was a bit worried about having a Swedish as I’ve always thought they were a bit brutal but it was actually really nice. It certainly got the stress knots out my shoulders.

I had to take a few photos of the spa area as it was amazing.



After our treatments, we headed back down to the pool and had another swim. We also tried out the jacuzzi and sauna. It was so lovely spending time with my bestie. We both have children and since their arrival we very rarely get a chance to have a good chat. One of us is usually chasing after a child at soft play so we snatch a quick chat in between! Lazing around in the jacuzzi gave us the perfect opportunity to catch up and realise how much we’ve missed each other.

We finished our day off with a very healthy bowl of chips and some drinks back in the restaurant. We have decided that we will definitely be doing this again. It’s a beautiful spa and we had such a great day.

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10 thoughts on “Girls Day Out – Fairfield Hall, Bedfordshire

  1. This sounds like the perfect day. I love spa days. And a spa day with your bestie sounds brilliant. Thanks for linking up with #SundaysStars. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to comment. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


  2. Ohhhh I love Spas!! This one is pretty cool… I love that hot stone chair, I have never tried one like this!
    I believe it was a nice idea for the both of you to take some time off to relax šŸ˜€ and a great idea as a birthday gift too!!

    Thank you for linking up to #MondayEscapes! I wish you a great week šŸ˜€

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