Mummy Is The Biggest Liar!

Mummy Is The Biggest Liar!

It’s Saturday morning and all is calm. There are no raised voices and the boys are playing nicely together. The girls are kicking around on the floor cooing at each other. This can only mean one thing – Daddy is at home!


All week long my job title is not Mummy but referee! I am forever breaking up fights and stopping the children from killing each other. When Daddy texts and ask how the kids are during the day, I give him the honest truth, our children are monsters! They destroy the house, climb all over the furniture and have extremely selective hearing when I’m talking to them.

At the weekends they are all sweetness and light. Daddy simply cannot understand how these sweet, angelic children can do half the things I moan about during the week. They obey commands, play nicely, keep the house relatively tidy and don’t upset Daddy. He can take them out without the car seat fights that I frequently inform him I have!

My children make me look like a massive liar! Does this happen to all Mums or is it just me?

What magically happens to my children at 5.30 on a Friday? Where can I buy some of this super power that Daddy has, as I drastically need some of it during the week? And, when are my children going to stop making me look like a liar?

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16 thoughts on “Mummy Is The Biggest Liar!

  1. To be honest I would say my two are the same with their dad as they are with me! But it’s always easier with two people around isn’t it. I’m looking forward to a quieter week after this half term it has to be said! #sundaystars


  2. Sorry to tell you but this is pretty much the rule for any children against the parent who stays at home. I have exactly the same!! The boys mum gets them 3 days a week. She works as well so they get slightly less time on one day bit they’re complete angels for her. I on the other hands stay at home with them, homeschool them and potentially spend 100 hours a week with them. Oh how they play up. I like to think it doesn’t reflect on the parenting more the closeness
    The same way as having a partner around you constantly…You’re more likely to argue than stay in that happy place.

    Sadly I think until this situation changes and they’re older you’ll continue to look like a liar! I do want the other parent magic though! So frustrating! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky


  3. hahaha no this is normal. I can walk in the kitchen and my girl is eating and she sees me and throws her food on the floor and stares at me in this way! It’s saved just for me! Daddy never gets it! Loved the post xxx #bigfatlinky


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