An Unexpected Arrival – My Second Birth Story

An Unexpected Arrival – My Second Birth Story

November 2012

I had an amazing, if slightly unexpected second labour. My waters went on my due date as I opened the front door to some trick or treaters. They were probably just expecting some sweets but were confronted by a slightly shocked, heavily pregnant woman weeing herself!!

We packed B off to my parents and waited for my contractions to start. My waters went first in my last labour and contractions started about 4 hours later and that was pretty much what I expected this time.

Nothing happened and I got up the next morning feeling really upset knowing I’d have to be induced that evening. We spent the day just pottering around watching films while I bounced on my ball trying to get my contractions started. G fixed my laptop and early in the afternoon I decided to have a little nap to build up my energy for induction.

I woke up about 4.30 and went to the toilet. All of a sudden my contractions started coming really strong and every 3 minutes. We called the hospital as my first labour was relatively quick so I was advised to go to the hospital early this time. The hospital were really busy and held hubby on the phone for ages while they decided if they had room for me!

They finally gave us the go ahead to come in after questioning for ages if I really needed to go to hospital yet so, I started to get dressed to go. I had been a very classy, half undressed pregnant lady all day! I got one leg into my jeans and told hubby I had to push!

He rang delivery straight back and said we weren’t going to make it as I needed to push. The midwife didn’t believe him until she heard me having a contraction in the background! She immediately sent out a blue light ambulance who got to us within 15 minutes and a midwife who was about 10 minutes behind them. The paramedics gave me gas and air which I promptly broke within 20 seconds! They couldn’t do anything else and even asked hubby to check if he could see the head! They actually went and waited in our hall while hubby looked. When the midwife arrived she sauntered in as though she had all the time in the world. She had just enough time to get her gloves on before I yelled “ring of fire” and the whole of O popped out in one go!! The midwife had only just got on the floor to examine me and G said she only just saved O from dropping on the floor.

O arrived at 6pm, less than 90 minutes after my first contraction!! I think I’d been holding him in waiting for help to arrive. I’m sure G would have made a fantastic substitute midwife but I didn’t want him to have that responsibility in case something went wrong. Think everyone was a bit shocked how quickly it happened.

I had no intention of having a home birth but it was really lovely. The paramedics stayed for an hour and the midwife for 2 while she did her paperwork. Daddy had lovely cuddles while I had a bath and then the 3 of us snuggled down for a takeaway in our bed. A really lovely end.

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