My Week Ahead

My Week Ahead

Every Sunday is spent wracking my brains for ideas of how to keep my brood entertained for the next week. I have to find activities for Monday to Wednesday as Thursday and Friday are nursery days which is enough excitement for one day!

I would really love to get out a bit more but I’m still finding it quite difficult with 3 children that require a pushchair and 1 who doesn’t always listen to me! I’m hoping to be brave and get to the big park at least once a week when the weather improves but it’s currently more like a swimming pool!

This week we are spoilt for visitors. On Monday we have the childrens Uncles coming to play. As they live a little way away, we don’t get to see them a great deal so the kids get thoroughly spoilt! If I’m really lucky they may offer to take the boys out for a few hours so I get some quality girl time. I always feel so guilty that the girls get very little Mummy time. I’m very grateful for my Thursdays where it’s just me and them all day.

Tuesday we have a Home Start volunteer visit for 2 hours. Home Start are a fantastic charity who send out volunteers to help families in need. One of their criteria for ‘family in need’ is a multiple birth but they deal with all types of family. My wonderful volunteer Mary spends 2 hours a week entertaining my brood while I get some jobs done around the house. Without her help, we would all be wearing filthy clothes and my house would be an inch thick in dust! She really does save the day and I fully intend to become a volunteer myself once all of mine are in school. So many people have never heard of the charity but you can find out more at

Tuesday afternoons usually involves getting muddy in the back garden or the little park we have opposite our house. I’m thinking of buying some bulbs today and getting the boys to pot them on Tuesday. We attempted to grow some strawberry plants last year and they were doing really well until I got too heavily pregnant to get up and care for them (terrible I know).

That just leaves Wednesday. We tend to have a quieter day on Wednesday in preparation for 2 days of nursery. I bought lots of crafty bits before Christmas and the boys are now a bit obsessed with all this glitter and glue! It drives me absolutely round the bend with the mess they make but the look on their faces as they fling glitter everywhere is priceless (mine probably is too!).

A fairly busy week for us which makes a change. Hopefully lots of opportunities for fresh air and memory making. I may even be able to share some pictures later in the week!

Have a good week everyone!

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