20 weeks

20 weeks

March 2014

Our families are still finding the fact we are having twins highly hilarious! Not sure why it’s so funny. We also still haven’t told our 3 years old that he’s going to be a big brother again. After our 12 week scan we Googled twin pregnancy and found all these doom and gloom stories. Even though we were expecting DCDA (non identical) twins, possibly the safest twin pregnancy, we still decided it was a good idea to keep it from B for a bit longer.

Today was our 20 week scan and aside from seeing our gorgeous babies again and hoping they were healthy, we desperately wanted to know what sex they were. As a Mum of 2 boys already, I was desperately hoping for a little pink bundle but, with Gs genetic line, I was pretty certain we were in for 2 more boys. I was so certain that I even had plans in my head for my ‘Mum Cave’ at the bottom of the garden. There I could relax in my pink, fluffy armchair with a large glass of wine at the end of the day!

The scan went really well and I’m very pleased to report that the 4under4madness house will be evened up nicely with the arrival of 2 baby girls. Tears rolled down my face for the entire scan after she told us and I can report there were 2 very excited Nannas when they heard!

Pink shopping here I come!

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