The First Big Purchase

The First Big Purchase

It’s been 3 days since we found out we were expecting twins but the day has come to look at making the first purchase for them and it’s a big one! It’s something we have been speaking about for nearly a year but with buying our new house, we never had the money. We can put it off no more, it’s time to buy a bigger car!

We have always had fairly small cars and G is a big Ford fan so there was probably only 1 car we were ever going to look at – a Ford S-max. It has 7 full size seats, including the middle one which meant we could get 3 car seats across. This was a massive plus point for us as it meant we only needed to have 1 child in the boot seats leaving us with decent luggage space. When you have a massive pushchair to squeeze in, as well as shopping or bags for a weekend away, you need all the space you can get.

The Golden Beast, which we are now the proud owner of, also has child friendly wipe clean seats which I’m sure will save us in the future! But the biggest selling point – the heated front window! Because who wants to stand it the cold and scrape ice off their window!!!

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